Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Status Unknown
Wielder of Light
Wielder of Lightning

Johnny is the wielder of light and a main character of the series.



Johnny has messy blonde hair with bangs parted down the middle and green eyes. When he goes into spirit form, his eyes are light blue. In the first Spirits, he wears a white jacket with an orange hoodie over his school uniform.

Spirits 2Edit

In Spirits 2, he wears the same hoodie over an orange shirt and black pants. Like other spirit wielders, Johnny's eyes become blue (the same color as his spirit's eyes) throughout the whole season.

Spirits 2.5Edit

In Spirits 2.5, he wears a yellow and orange hoodie, a white shirt, black pants, and white shoes that are orange on the bottom. Johnny's eyes are red and blue in 2.5 due to making a contract with Or instead of Cake in the alternate timeline. Although he had glasses in Spirits, he seems to stop wearing them in Spirits 2 and onward.


Johnny is a cheerful, optimistic type of character. He is also righteous and good, and helps people without thinking twice. This can sometimes lead him into rather dangerous situations.


Spirit PowersEdit


  • When using Cake's power, he can create a sword and large shield. His eyes turn blue and he grows large, white angel wings. 



  • Johnny may have met Jenny when they were younger, as Jenny stated once that she "met a boy with bright golden hair on the other side of the fence" but never asked for his name nor really got to talk to him properly. Johnny also said once, at a different time, that he met a girl with long, black hair when he was younger.