Other Henry
Hair Color Teal
Eye Color Purple
Status Deceased
Wielder of Time

Other Henry is the wielder of time and a main character in Spirits 2.5.


Spirits 2.5Edit

In Spirits 2.5, other Henry has the same appearance as Henry, the only difference being a small, beauty mark under his left eye. He wears a school uniform with a vest in the summer and sweater in the winter, and the scarf he is always wearing is purple.


Other Henry has a kind personality, often sympthazing with others and putting people before his own well-being. When faced with a difficult decision, he is prone to handling it himself and not rely on others. Similar to Henry from Spirits, he is a little slow and clueless, often taking longer than others to understand anything.


Spirits 2.5Edit

Other Henry transfers to the same school as Jenny, Kaido, Janelia, and Wen. He quickly becomes friends with Jenny and Kaido, and the three start hanging out together every day. When he finds out that Jenny and Kaido are actually working alongside spirits to protect the city, he vows to keep it a secret and supports them fully. However, when Maya appears in town and threatens to destroy everyone and everything, he makes a contract with Galileo. He briefly helps the others defend the town before he is killed by Maya.

Spirits 3Edit

It is revealed in Spirits 3 that Other Henry was one of the five heroes who destroyed the fallen star in a past timeline. However, shortly after, he was killed along with the others by Maya. When Galileo finds out that the Henry in the current timeline was born without the spirit soul, she seeks out Other Henry in the Spirits 2.5 timeline, but Maya manages to rid of that Other Henry as well. Other Henry never shows up physically in the Spirits 3 timeline, but only mentioned by Galileo.

Spirit PowersEdit

In Spirits 2.5 and in the older timeline, Other Henry is shown to have made a contract with Galileo, gaining the ability to control time.