Other Jenny
Jenny portrait
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Status Unknown
Wielder of Lightning
Wielder of Mystletainn

Other Jenny is the alternate timeline Jenny who appears in Spirits 2.5. She is often seen hanging around (other) Kaido and (other) Henry.


She wears a black and white school uniform. Later, she wears a purple scarf over it.


Compared to Spirits, Other Jenny is a lot more optimistic and energetic. She does, however, seem to share the same feelings of guilt and vengeance that Spirits Jenny has towards Maya.


Other Jenny and other Kaido (they'll both be referred to without "other" for the rest of this section) became friends after being seated by one another at school. Jenny long had her powers before Kaido, having made a contract with Ur when she was younger. After Kaido obtained his spellbook, the two always fought together to protect their neighborhood.

When other Henry transfers to their school, he takes the seat next to her and the three quickly become friends. <more stuff here>

Jenny tries to talk to other Henry after noticing his recent hesitant attitude, but he makes an excuse and runs off. Because the train suddenly appears, she is unable to chase after him. She gives up and goes home, thinking of trying again later. However, the next day, other Henry doesn't show up to class. Kaido comes during lunch time and tells her that other Henry sacrificed himself to save him. She is shocked, but eventually recovers after realizing that he wouldn't want to see them like this. She later receives his scarf from Kaido.

Following these events, she and Kaido become friends with Janelia after they run into each other fighting off a huge corrupted spirit in the school. <more stuff here>

<stuff about meeting johnny and edison>

<something about the end>

Spirit PowersEdit

In 2.5 she makes a contract with Or and is able to use his magic and weapon.